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Top (L to R): Ms. Robin Gray (Counselor (Cr-He), Ms. Laura Hillbrand (Counselor Me-Se), Mr. John Stone (Hi-Mc)
Middle (L to R): Ms. Cortney Moreno (College & Scholarship Coordinator), Ms. Dana Green (Counselor Sh-Z), and Ms. Tina Faulkner(Social Worker)
Bottom (L to R): Ms. Karla Barnhill (Registrar), Ms. Rebecca Steele (Lead Counselor A-Co), Ms. Heather Stout (Guidance Secretary)

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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)


Who is my counselor?
LSN Counselors


Where do I find a description of classes, off campus programs, etc.?
LSR-7 Career and Educational Planning Guide
Off Campus Programs

What does IB mean?
IB Website

How do I sign up for summer school?
Summer school information will be provided during spring enrollment. A link to sign up will be posted on the LSN Website once registration is open. Summer School

How do I take early finals?
The early finals policy can be found on pg 33 of the student handbook

How do I graduate early?
You will need to make an appointment with your counselor to discuss meeting the requirements for early graduation. The early graduation policy can be found on pg 50 of the student handbook