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Spring Sports Start Soon

Photo courtesy of LSNHS website

By: Madi Smith

Monday, Feb 25, marks the beginning of the 2019 spring sports season. As winter training for some of these sports end, tryouts begin. Spring sports include boys tennis, baseball, boys golf, girls lacrosse, girls soccer, and track.

  “I am excited to be apart of a team again. I have been putting in all that hard work in at conditioning and can’t wait to run,”Jonathan Thomas, senior, said.

  If you intend on participating in any spring sports, ensure you have gotten your physical from a doctor or a local Walgreens, otherwise you will not be qualified to practice. Saturday, Feb.23, at LSHS from 8-10:30 a.m. there is a Sports Physical Clinic in which physicals will be available for $25. Then make sure you have a PRIVIT account set up and your physical is loaded to it. As of the past year, North does not accept paper copies of physicals.

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Sixteen States Sue Trump Administration

Photo courtesy of

By: Rhayla Huff

This week in American politics, President Trump declared an immigration national emergency in order to pull funds from the states to help build a wall. Not unlike many previous decisions surrounding the wall, this faced much backlash from the states.

  In fact, sixteen different states filed a lawsuit to stop his declaration. Arguing that this action is unconstitutional, a quarter of the nation is against his decision. The plaintiffs argue that he “has used the pretext of a manufactured ‘crisis’ of unlawful immigration to declare a national emergency,” in order to further his own personal agenda, instead of abiding by the constitution he swore to follow (Courtesy of

  The outcome of this situation remains unclear, though sides are driven on who will win this argument and if Trump will actually receive funds for the wall.

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LSN Spring Enrollment Conferences

By: Katie Langle

Spring enrollment conferences will begin on Tuesday, February 19 and Thursday the 21. At the conferences, students and parents will meet with the students mentor teacher to look through course requests. The course request deadline was on February 8. These conferences are very helpful for students because this is the last chance for students to edit the courses they selected.

  “Enrollment Conferences are helpful to students because they give students the opportunity to discuss their futures with a variety of people who are invested in making sure that they succeed. Mentors and parents are knowledgeable about different parts of the enrollment process and the student’s future, so it is a great idea to have a chance to discuss enrollment all together,” Mary Lee Ptacek, english teacher, said.

  This is a great opportunity for students to look over their schedule and make any last minute changes.

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Summer School Registration

By: Maria Smith

Photo courtesy of LSN website

Summer school is a viable option for many students. It is a good way to knock out requirements like P.E., health, and personal finance. There are two, 13 day summer school sessions where you can take your class from 7:30am-12 or you can take it over the whole 26 days from

7-9:20 or 9:30-11:50.


P.E. is only available for the 26 day session, and involves the infamous 5k Fridays. Summer school registration is from now until March 15th, while upperclassmen do get a heads up in getting into their preferred classes, but it is a lottery so no one is guaranteed to get in.

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Students Donate Blood on Valentine’s Day

By: AJ Conner

Photo Courtesy of American Red Cross

Last week, 88 students showed their love on Valentine’s Day by signing up to donate blood. Sign-ups were Tuesday during lunch shifts, and slots filled fast. NHS holds a blood drive each February to allow more athletes to donate between winter and spring sports. Students went to the auxiliary gym during their first, third, and fifth hours to determine eligibility and complete their donations. While not everyone who signed up could donate due to iron levels or other factors, the Red Cross collected several dozen pints of blood to be used at area hospitals. Not only did students give blood to help those in need, they were rewarded handsomely: quite a few Domino’s pizzas were delivered to the gym as students watched various Disney movies.

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Innovation Track: Putting You on the Road to Success

By: Katie Langle

If you want college credit for an affordable price then Innovation Track might be for you. Innovation Track provides students with a way to earn college credit at an affordable rate. Classes that are taken through the Innovation Track will count for college and high school credit.

  “The Innovation Track is an opportunity for students to gain college credits in a real college environment while still in high school.  Lee’s Summit North offers many dual credit options here on our campus, and the Innovation Track expands students’ options further,” Paige Murray, counselor, said.

  These courses can be taken on the Metropolitan Community College- Longview campus. Tuition for a student in this program is $51.50 per credit hour, students that qualify can get free tuition and textbooks funded by the district. There will be an informational meeting on January 30 from 6:30 to 7:30 in the lecture hall.

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