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Friday Bell Schedule Change

By: Maria Bisby

   Due to the basketball game in Springfield, the student body has an altered bell schedule on Friday. Bronco Time, which is usually between third and fourth hour, is going to at the end of the day. They are doing this to reduce the amount of class time that students going to the game will miss. This change will shift fourth hour to 10:06, fifth hour to 10:58, sixth hour to 12:15, seventh to 1:07 and Bronco Time will start at 1:59. You can be excused from Bronco Time by a parent much like you would be excused for a pep assembly.

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We Got Spirit (Yeah! Yeah!)

By: Kayler Smith

Photo by Maria Bisby

   Upon the record-breaking basketball season, LSN students have gotten the opportunity to take a school-wide trip down to Missouri State University for the state semi-final, and the potentially state championship.

   Championships and success have become a theme in this year’s sports at LSN, and the boy’s basketball team played a key role in creating that standard. Going 21-3 in the regular season, they earned a high seed in the sectional tournament and beat out tough opponents to advance to the state tournament.

  Not only does the team get to celebrate and experience this accomplishment, LSN administration has allowed the student body to join the action. The state semifinal game is this Friday, March 15, at JQH Arena in Springfield, MO. The students are being offered a spirit bus to take them down to the game. The game is set at 5:15, and considering the long drive, the school has generously offered multiple options.

   The school has 250 presale tickets into the game. A chunk of those will be for spirit bus riders, but if students choose to drive down, they can also purchase a presale ticket through the school. In order to get to the game on time, administration is allowing all students who purchase presale tickets to leave school early. The spirit bus riders get to leave school at 1:00 and drivers get to leave at 2:00.

   If students would like to sign up for the spirit bus or purchase presale tickets, they should go see Mrs. Wissler in the office, fill out the spirit bus forms and pay the $20, or they should pay the $9 for a presale ticket.

   Should the boys win Friday night, they will advance to the state championship, which is at 6:20 at JQH Arena. The school is offering similar options for this occurrence. The forms for the Saturday spirit bus are available, and that bus leaves at 2:15 on Saturday. Students should fill out the form in advance, and bring the $20 on Saturday when they board the bus.

   All forms for this weekend are due by the end of the day on Thursday. Good luck Broncos!

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The Grand Teton Adventure: A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

By: Katie Langle

The Grand Teton Adventure still has openings available. On this trip students will be able to explore one of the most biologically diverse areas in the United States.

  “We spend a week in July doing everything from going on hikes in Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park to going on a float trip, we do a high ropes agility course, and just explore the area,” Chris Gerding, Science teacher said

   The trip will take place this summer, July 7 through the 14. It will cost between $900 and $950 but this number may vary based on how many participants there are. The cost includes food, transportation, lodging, and guides.

  If you are interested contact Mr. Gerding. The trip is first come first serve so if you are interested sign up as soon as possible.

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The WCC Prom Boutiques for Free

By: Prajukta Ghosh

The Wood Chapel United Methodist church, in Lee’s summit is selling the prom accessories for teen girls, who are eager to attend their prom this year. This event is organized each year during spring. The church has 3,000 collection of dresses and jewelleries for teens, every individual needs to select one dress for zero cost. The event will take place from 7th to 10th March, 2019.

  The church has already a record of helping somewhere around 1,000 young ladies by giving away these dresses for free of cost. This is the 13th year of such a captivating event taking place in Lee’s summit, Kansas City. The shop as every we need for prom along with the opportunity of alterations.

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The History Behind International Women’s Day

The symbol for International Women’s Day

By: Rhayla Huff

Marked on March 8th in 1914 to celebrate European women and the suffrage they faced daily, this “holiday” has been around for 105 years. In a celebration of women and all that they do, the past couple of years have been significantly different.

  The first country to make it completely official was Soviet Union in 1965. When the United Nations officially declared March 8th a holiday, some of the world followed suit. The holiday is intended to celebrate women and help them to feel empowered. The holiday is only celebrated in 27 countries globally and the majority of those do not feel as though it is a day for fighting for women’s rights as much as the security of a women’s empowerment.

  Take the time today to celebrate a woman you know and make them feel better about the world.

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Snow Days Are Affecting Your Learning Time

By: Maria Bisby

The LSR7 district has reached a total of eleven snow days to make up for the school year.  While the students are receiving a vacation there has been no rhythm for the school days. There are mixed feelings about the snowdays for students.

  “It’s made my life a lot more stressful and at this point I feel like we could just get rid of Wednesday because we haven’t had one in awhile,” Madelyn Taylor, sophomore, said.

  The snow days make school life a lot more difficult especially for both teachers and students. The students, underclassmen, now have school until May 31st . Seniors get out on May 14th.  That doesn’t leave a lot of time to catch up on their learning experience.

  This also causes some stress for the senior class that are in IB because of the early test dates. The snow days this year continue to pile up and hopefully stop soon.

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The Ink & Quill

By: David Stevens

The Ink & Quill is an amazing resource here at Lee’s Summit North. It allows for students to publish personal works, such as fiction, poetry, or things more like books reviews and essays. Artwork is also accepted. The cap for submissions is five.

  Before someone submits, they should make sure it’s up to format. The link to poetry guidelines is here. The link to essay, fiction and book review guidelines is here. If all the format requirements are met, here is the submission form.

  More information can be found on the Writers’ Circle site and the teacher running the magazine is Ms. Washington.

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Boys Basketball Beats LSHS to Advance to District Championship

Photo courtesy of @PhotoRainey from LSN Twitter

By: Tiyah Gipson

Monday, February 25, 2019, kicked off the first round of districts for high schools in the greater KCMO area. The district games are all being held at LSN throughout the week with the championship game on Friday. The Varsity Boys Basketball team took on Lee’s Summit High School Tuesday, March 26 and won 65-51. Following that game Rockhurst took on Ruskin and won which advances both teams to the final round, the district championship where Lee’s Summit North will take on Rockhurst High School. This will be a game to remember, so plan on being in the LSN Fieldhouse at 5:30 for tipoff.

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4,000 Acres in Lee’s Summit Available for Development

The yellow sections shown on the map are the 4,000 acres to be developed.

By: Jillian Jamaleddin

  Property Reserve Inc (PRI), a subsidiary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, has recently contacted leaders of the city of Lee’s Summit to assist them in the build-up of approximately 4,000 acres in land holdings. The land will be completely master planned, especially since there are no houses or buildings on the locations.

  There are two seperate areas of land. One is located southeast of Longview Lake and Longview Road and is about 3,000 acres. The other is about 1,000 acres and runs north and south along Route 291. It is south of Woods Chapel Road and East of Lake Jacomo.

  PRI has contacted a KC based engineering firm to assess the environmental, transportation, and utility service aspects for the properties. PRI previously worked with the city on the development of Todd George Parkway. This was part of the Strother Road interchange project that goes through the 1,000 acres planned for build-up. This project was completed in 2010 and consisted of over 2 miles of roadway.

  Mayor Bill Baird believes the development of this land will help make Lee’s Summit feel like a more connected city and strengthen the economy by getting rid of the separation due to the empty space. He also believes the timing of this is great considering it fits with the scheduled long-range planning process in the start of 2019.

  Lee’s Summit is gathering public input at meetings and forums in late February. City workers also will collect feedback from the community by going into different popular locations such as coffee shops. The planning process is projected to be complete by mid-2019.


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New Season for Scholarships has Approached

Photo courtesy of LSNHS counsellin website

By: Prajukta Ghosh

Scholarship season has approached and counselling websites are the best place to get in touch with any information regarding this. Students may sign up for this through their counselling website or simply chatting about it with their respective counselor. Bronco Connections are also available for students to go and grab some educational statistics about scholarships.

  College degrees are always beneficial for students to have a safe, secure future and get a job. Scholarships lessen the financial strain for students who are struggling to pay for college. Many students graduate from college with debt or limit their education in order to control high costs, however, scholarships focus just on students without any concerns about profits or pay back loans.

  The awards or scholarships do not only covers tuition or fees, but also books, room and sometimes living expenses. Some awards offer an opportunity for students to study abroad and live life on their own terms.

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