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Summer Brings Awesome Summer Camps

By: Tiyah Gipson

Lee's Summit North High School

This Summer is less than five weeks away. With that comes the fun and enjoyment of the camps. There are many different camps for you to join and enjoy, whether you wanna play the sport or not, the camps are also a really great way to stay in shape. Through the school website you can locate the summer camps tab and it will take to the website for the summer camps offered by Lee’s Summit North.

  The camps that North offer include girls and boys Basketball, Cross Country, Tennis, Soccer, Track and Field, Softball, Football, Volleyball, Wrestling, Robotic and Engineering, Band camp and Speed, Strength and Agility camp.

  “I am doing Softball camp through Lee’s Summit North this Summer and I think it’s really good because we do it every year and it gives our coaches a chance to look at us before tryouts so that they can kind of have an idea of who their going to see and what players they are going to get to deal with this season,” Sydney McGee, sophomore, said.

  All camps work hard in getting girls and boys in shape and ready for their upcoming seasons. The coaches strive to use these camps as a way to see what they will be working with when try-outs come around.