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Eco Fest: Build a Better Future

By: Maria Smith

Eco fest is being held Saturday, May 4th from 10 am – 5 pm. The official place of the fest is the Chipman commons, the shopping center by post coffee. There will be speakers, workshops, and kids activities. There will also be food trucks so be prepared to spend the day talking about how to live a more eco-friendly life. This festival comes two weeks after Earth Day, an ever-growing holiday supporting the orb that we live on. Eco fest is a way to point out how we impact the environment in a fun, low-stress way. No one wants to see where the Earth is headed, but a lot of people do not know what they can do to help stop this development. Eco fest can help inform and teach you how to do this.

  “You know, I don’t want this planet to just turn into a bunch of concrete. I think that our planet is beautiful because of the environment,” Isaac Cleaver, senior, said.

  Spend some time this weekend helping you learn how to change your impact on the environment from bad to good.