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We Got Spirit (Yeah! Yeah!)

By: Kayler Smith

Photo by Maria Bisby

   Upon the record-breaking basketball season, LSN students have gotten the opportunity to take a school-wide trip down to Missouri State University for the state semi-final, and the potentially state championship.

   Championships and success have become a theme in this year’s sports at LSN, and the boy’s basketball team played a key role in creating that standard. Going 21-3 in the regular season, they earned a high seed in the sectional tournament and beat out tough opponents to advance to the state tournament.

  Not only does the team get to celebrate and experience this accomplishment, LSN administration has allowed the student body to join the action. The state semifinal game is this Friday, March 15, at JQH Arena in Springfield, MO. The students are being offered a spirit bus to take them down to the game. The game is set at 5:15, and considering the long drive, the school has generously offered multiple options.

   The school has 250 presale tickets into the game. A chunk of those will be for spirit bus riders, but if students choose to drive down, they can also purchase a presale ticket through the school. In order to get to the game on time, administration is allowing all students who purchase presale tickets to leave school early. The spirit bus riders get to leave school at 1:00 and drivers get to leave at 2:00.

   If students would like to sign up for the spirit bus or purchase presale tickets, they should go see Mrs. Wissler in the office, fill out the spirit bus forms and pay the $20, or they should pay the $9 for a presale ticket.

   Should the boys win Friday night, they will advance to the state championship, which is at 6:20 at JQH Arena. The school is offering similar options for this occurrence. The forms for the Saturday spirit bus are available, and that bus leaves at 2:15 on Saturday. Students should fill out the form in advance, and bring the $20 on Saturday when they board the bus.

   All forms for this weekend are due by the end of the day on Thursday. Good luck Broncos!