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The History Behind International Women’s Day

The symbol for International Women’s Day

By: Rhayla Huff

Marked on March 8th in 1914 to celebrate European women and the suffrage they faced daily, this “holiday” has been around for 105 years. In a celebration of women and all that they do, the past couple of years have been significantly different.

  The first country to make it completely official was Soviet Union in 1965. When the United Nations officially declared March 8th a holiday, some of the world followed suit. The holiday is intended to celebrate women and help them to feel empowered. The holiday is only celebrated in 27 countries globally and the majority of those do not feel as though it is a day for fighting for women’s rights as much as the security of a women’s empowerment.

  Take the time today to celebrate a woman you know and make them feel better about the world.