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Snow Days Are Affecting Your Learning Time

By: Maria Bisby

The LSR7 district has reached a total of eleven snow days to make up for the school year.  While the students are receiving a vacation there has been no rhythm for the school days. There are mixed feelings about the snowdays for students.

  “It’s made my life a lot more stressful and at this point I feel like we could just get rid of Wednesday because we haven’t had one in awhile,” Madelyn Taylor, sophomore, said.

  The snow days make school life a lot more difficult especially for both teachers and students. The students, underclassmen, now have school until May 31st . Seniors get out on May 14th.  That doesn’t leave a lot of time to catch up on their learning experience.

  This also causes some stress for the senior class that are in IB because of the early test dates. The snow days this year continue to pile up and hopefully stop soon.