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4,000 Acres in Lee’s Summit Available for Development

The yellow sections shown on the map are the 4,000 acres to be developed.

By: Jillian Jamaleddin

  Property Reserve Inc (PRI), a subsidiary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, has recently contacted leaders of the city of Lee’s Summit to assist them in the build-up of approximately 4,000 acres in land holdings. The land will be completely master planned, especially since there are no houses or buildings on the locations.

  There are two seperate areas of land. One is located southeast of Longview Lake and Longview Road and is about 3,000 acres. The other is about 1,000 acres and runs north and south along Route 291. It is south of Woods Chapel Road and East of Lake Jacomo.

  PRI has contacted a KC based engineering firm to assess the environmental, transportation, and utility service aspects for the properties. PRI previously worked with the city on the development of Todd George Parkway. This was part of the Strother Road interchange project that goes through the 1,000 acres planned for build-up. This project was completed in 2010 and consisted of over 2 miles of roadway.

  Mayor Bill Baird believes the development of this land will help make Lee’s Summit feel like a more connected city and strengthen the economy by getting rid of the separation due to the empty space. He also believes the timing of this is great considering it fits with the scheduled long-range planning process in the start of 2019.

  Lee’s Summit is gathering public input at meetings and forums in late February. City workers also will collect feedback from the community by going into different popular locations such as coffee shops. The planning process is projected to be complete by mid-2019.