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New Season for Scholarships has Approached

Photo courtesy of LSNHS counsellin website

By: Prajukta Ghosh

Scholarship season has approached and counselling websites are the best place to get in touch with any information regarding this. Students may sign up for this through their counselling website or simply chatting about it with their respective counselor. Bronco Connections are also available for students to go and grab some educational statistics about scholarships.

  College degrees are always beneficial for students to have a safe, secure future and get a job. Scholarships lessen the financial strain for students who are struggling to pay for college. Many students graduate from college with debt or limit their education in order to control high costs, however, scholarships focus just on students without any concerns about profits or pay back loans.

  The awards or scholarships do not only covers tuition or fees, but also books, room and sometimes living expenses. Some awards offer an opportunity for students to study abroad and live life on their own terms.