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The Musical Drama Staging in LSN

By: Prajukta Ghosh

The fun-hearted and humorous musical drama “The Addams Family” is ready to take the stage this week with full enthusiasm and zest to spread among its audience. They explain to the audience what it means to be an Addams: one must have the sense of humour, along with a taste for death and passion.

 “The musical follows the story of Wednesday Addams, who is very dark and brooding [and] falls in love with a very preppy young man. Her family isn’t sure how to accept or deal with the fact that she did not fall for somebody equally dark and creepy as the rest of the family,” Shayne Daniel, theatre arts teacher, said.


  The show is an exaggerated version of real life scenarios, where your family does not always accept who you fall in love with but have to learn how to deal with it or accept the fact.


  “The show is very light-hearted and funny as the characters depict how crazy and kooky they are. We also have a great cast and lastly the show has come together very nicely, hence I am not concerned about how is it going to work for the audience,” Daniel said.