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Bronco Basketball Season is Underway

By: Maria Smith

Basketball season is starting. Tryouts started this week with a flurry of dribbling and free throws. Along with needing to prove that they are good enough to be on the team, the potential girls basketball players also need to have their teachers fill out a sheet about their in class behavior to show that they are also strong leaders and well respected students. The hopeful players face a number of obstacles to get on the team. They go through drills and practice games in tryouts to determine what level team they will be on.

  “[I tried out] because I love basketball. It’s part of my life and I would do anything for it,” Reggie Ford, sophomore, said.

  The season is starting off with teams that are sure to be full of Bronco spirit and a mutual love for basketball. Good luck to both the girls and boys teams. Make this season a good one.