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Trap Masters Gives Back to Community

Photo courtesy of LSNHS

By: Leelo Cox

Normally fundraising for transportation, they decided to fundraise for a special cause at our school. Trap Masters club goes to the range every Wednesday during the Fall and Spring. The team joined a league last year and will be able to go to competition this year for the first time. So they hold the “Fall Shootout” to help with fundraising to pay for all the transportation and other things they need to compete.

  This year, the team had extra money in their account, so the sponsors asked the kids what they wanted to do, and they decided to do a fundraiser in the fall for Feed The Need at our school. Feed The Need is a pantry of food for kids in need at our school for dinners at night, on weekends and during breaks. The sponsors asked the leaders of Feed The Need how much money it would take to get enough backpacks full of food for Thanksgiving and Christmas break. They said it would be about 1,500 dollars to support that much food. So the Trap Masters team had a goal of 1,500 dollars to raise at their fundraiser. They definitely exceeded their goal.

  “We reached an amount of 2,733 dollars,” Jennifer Beemer, Trap Masters sponsor, said.

  Next fundraiser will be in the springtime to raise money for supplies needed for competitions.