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Being Distracted Can Be Deadly Sometimes

By: Prajukta Ghosh

   When the topic of teen driving comes up, the first thing that strikes our mind is accidents. The most accidents which have occurred to date have proven their cause–distracted teen drivers. This is one of the biggest concerns for the parents and guardian of the kids.

  “The biggest thing that I would like to say to teen drivers is that No-texting driving, no calling and driving and more concentration while you are driving,” John Heil, school resource officer, said.    

  Statistics shows that 16 and 17 year old drivers death rates increase with each additional passenger. 56 percent of teens say they talk on the phone while driving (Statistics courtesy of:

  “Texting and driving is the main leading cause of why most accidents happen, and this is not only in teen but in adults,” Heil said.

  Overall, teenagers underestimate or are unable to recognize hazardous driving conditions. No matters what cause, car accidents are scary and can cause life-changing injuries.