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All School Testing Day

Photo courtesy of LSN Website.

By: Kayler Smith

   On Wednesday, October 10, the school is offering great opportunities for the whole student body.

   Freshmen are getting the day to take their graduation required Civics Exam, and then the Explore Exam. The Explore Exam is the ACT’s college readiness test meant for 8th and 9th graders.

   Sophomores are going to be taking the pre-ACT, this is a great opportunity for sophomores to begin to prepare for their actual ACT in the coming years.

   Juniors have the option to either take a practice ACT or the PSAT. The practice ACT is a previously administered ACT, and gives juniors a great opportunity to see where they can improve for the district-paid ACT in April. The PSAT is also valuable because it is the first step to becoming a National Merit Scholar.

   The school is offering the most flexible options for seniors. Since there is a wide spectrum of interests in the senior class, the school has generously conformed to those. One of the options is to take a practice ACT along with the juniors. This can be very helpful for seniors who are looking to raise their composite score by a point or two before going to college. The next option is to visit one of our local universities (Avila, Kansas, Missouri-Kansas City, Central Missouri, Missouri Western) with a group from school, or go on an individual college visit with your parents. This is a great opportunity for seniors to visit their college of interest and find what is right for them. Seniors who are currently in the work program, attend Longview for classes, or attend a career center (Summit Tech, Herndon, Cass) may choose to continue their regular schedule in lieu of other options.

   For all testers tomorrow, make sure to get a good night’s sleep, eat a good breakfast, and mentally prepare yourself to do your best!