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Girls Volleyball Takes on Blue Springs

Photo courtesy of LSNHS website.

By: Prajukta Ghosh  

   Despite of many hardships and obstacles, the Girl’s Volleyball team is ready to take on Blue Springs High School. The upcoming volleyball game of LSN is going to take place on Thursday, October 4.

  “I am generally excited to play volleyball just because it is one of my favorite sport,” Hannah Robinson, junior, said.

  The game seems to be electrifying and everyone eager for the match to begin.

  “If we work hard all together as a team and dedicate more time, then we could probably win the match,” Bailey Willis, sophomore, said.

  After the dejected loss of LSN’s varsity volleyball team from Blue Valley North, everyone is looking forward to the upcoming match.

  “We work really well together sometimes and we also struggle with that at times but we all have connections with each other that really helps us cope up in the match,” Paige Huhman, sophomore, said.