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The West Bottoms: Haunted Houses

The Beast, one of the haunted houses.

By: Katie Langle

Looking for a scare this fall? The haunted houses in the West Bottoms may be the perfect place for you. As night gets closer, goblins and ghosts are waiting to scare you. The West Bottoms offers all kinds of different haunted houses. There are five different houses you can go through; The Beast, The Edge of Hell, Macabre Cinema and The Chambers of Edgar Allan Poe. You can buy individual tickets for each haunted house or buy the Triple Hunt Pass and get into The Beast, Edge of Hell and Macabre Cinema for $65, plus a $15 service fee. Individual Haunted house prices vary. They are open Fridays and Saturdays. This event is not recommended for children under 12.  

  “I would recommend the Beast to someone because it’s a fun experience and it’s not too scary but it still made me jump. It was a fun thing to do with my friends,” Lucy Lueke, sophomore, said.

  These haunted houses are the perfect Halloween activity.