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Seniors Cap and Gown Meeting

Courtesy of the LSN website.

By: Madisen Smith

Seniors, on Monday, October 1, Jostins is scheduled to stop by to talk about graduation and cap and gown orders. It will be in the PAC during broncos time and mentoring. This is one important step closer to finishing off senior year successfully.

  “I think this meeting is important because the information we will be receiving is helping us to get out of highschool, and if we don’t show up we may miss out on this opportunity,” Nick Mathis, senior, said.

   At a glance, ordering days include October 5, 10, 16, 23, and November 14. Even further in the future, May 10 is scheduled for senior checkout as well as a cap and gown delivery day. Following that, graduation is May 15. Do not miss this important step towards the end on Monday and congratulations seniors on making it this far.