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LSN Website Helps Students and Staff this School Year

By Jillian Jamaleddin   

   As the school year starts back up, one of the best tools available to both students and staff is the LSN website. There are numerous items located here designed to aid anyone who visits the site.

   On the website, pages for activities and athletics can be accessed. Along with that, links to pages such as Powerschool and Schoology are provided. For the beginning of the year, the website is an efficient way to find out any new or needed information such as the bell or lunch schedule.

  For students trying to find out what the upcoming school events are, the LSN website also has a calendar of the year provided and advertises major approaching events on the main screen.

  One of the most useful places to visit from the website is the LMC page. Here, students are able to find a variety of resources such as important tools for research. The LSN website includes almost all the information needed for students to be successful this 2018-19 school year.