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Gas Prices May Rise Above Three Dollars

By: Rebekah Panek

By the start of summer, drivers may see gas prices going up to prices close to $3. President Trump withdrew from his nuclear deal with Iran which might cause gas prices to skyrocket. The national price of oil is going up because of OPEC’s international affairs. The higher OPEC raises their prices the more valuable the oil companies are. The oil prices going up is causing gas prices to go up because of supply and demand.

  “I feel that it is ridiculous that gas prices might go up to $3 this summer. I feel like the companies can, but I feel like they shouldn’t, I mean I fill up my tank every other week depending on how much I drive and I already spend a lot on gas,” Willow Gass, junior, said.

  In Venezuela which is the world’s biggest crude reserves has almost bottomed out due to their economical situation under the rule of  President Nicolás Maduro. The oil industry hit a three-decade low of 1.6 million barrels a day.