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Block Scheduling is Questioned for the 2018-19 Year

By: Jillian Jamaleddin

Recently, there has been discussion on whether or not block scheduling should be included in the 2018-19 school year. While block scheduling has been a topic of discussion since it was implemented, the more recent debates were sparked by the survey sent out to students to determine the advantages and disadvantages of both block scheduling and having a regular daily schedule throughout the week.

  One of the main arguments supporting block scheduling is that they are necessary for the success of students in AP and IB classes. These students justify block scheduling by stating that longer classes are beneficial for taking tests, presenting and more. Another benefit mentioned is the break between days that allows for students to complete homework.

  “I am for block scheduling because it gives time for teachers, teaching advanced classes, more time to teach. Also on Wednesday, without block scheduling classes would be very short,” Julia Mattis, junior, said.

  On the other hand, students against block scheduling suggest that the class periods are too long. Therefore, there is an overwhelming amount of work today in one class within one day.

  There has not yet been any hint as to what the schedule for the upcoming school year will look like or whether or not block scheduling will be incorporated into the schedule.