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The Next Edition of The Ink and Quil

By Rebekah Panek

  The Ink and Quill Literary Magazine is a collection of short stories, poems, art projects and many more forms of art expression. A new issue of the magazine is published each year, this year the Ink and Quill is scheduled to come out on Tuesday the 8th at 7pm in the lecture hall, admission is $10 at the door.   

  “I’m most excited  that the writers who are typically pretty quiet people are sharing their work with a wider audience, parents, friends, potentially the whole school,” Ashley Washington, Sponsor of the Ink and Quill, said.

  The magazine gives students a voice and the possibility to publish their work to send out in the community. If an author wishes to stay anonymous that is also an option to publish their piece without a name being published as well.

  “If you’re thinking about submitting something for the Ink and Quill next issue I would say even if you feel like your work is “good enough” submit it anyways because it probably is, that once you experience your work in front of other people then you understand what a good feeling it is,” Washington, said.

     If anyone is interesting in publishing a piece in the next years Ink and Quill Magazine, talk to Ms. Washington and she will be happy to help you with your work and to create something you are proud of.

     “I got to publish something I’m passionate about and I get to thank the Ink and Quill Magazine for that,” Kayley Creasman-Martinez ,Junior, said.

  The magazine also gives students a chance to showcase what they are proud of and motivates them to write the best piece they can. Another aspect the magazine is teaching the students the skill of editing and revising their pieces.