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Summer Athletic Camps: Preparing for the Upcoming Year

By Maria Smith

  North offers a variety of summer athletic camps that range from wrestling to cross country. These camps do cost money, and you can find the price on the athletics page of the school website. The camps are offered for a variety of ages, some going for younger elementary students, and other ones are offered for middle school and high school students to prepare them for their school teams. The camps available for high schoolers are cross country, football, soccer, softball, tennis, basketball and volleyball which is only available for incoming freshman.

  These camps are a good way to get prepared for the upcoming season and get to know the coaches and potential players.

  “I just want to get ready for the season, and I’m not sure if I really want to do it [softball], so I think that it will be a good introduction to the team for me,” Maria Bisby, freshman, said.

  They also offer a strength, speed and agility camp which can help with multiple sports. These camps are a great resource for new and returning athletes. They are found on the athletics page under Summer camps and sorted by activity for convenience.