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Avengers: Infinity War is a Record and Heartbreaking Film

This past weekend Avengers: Infinity War premiered in theaters and I am still reeling from every part of it. From beginning to end it was seemingly non-stop action, but it filled itself with the Marvel humor and light atmosphere that captured the audience’s heart.

  “Oh my goodness, I didn’t cry because I have to be a man. I can’t be in tears, but if my heart had some tear ducts, and it felt stress, it was crying. My heart was like crying. Oh, man,” Kamali Wright, senior, said.

  Despite almost throwing the Incredible Hulk into the background, ignoring him for the majority of the movie, most of the character’s strengths were played throughout. Thor had arguably one of the most important roles in the movie, going through many triumphs in an attempt to destroy the main villain, Thanos.

  The movie then takes the time to acknowledge Gamora’s backstory, giving her a traumatizing past through old lives and flashbacks. The movie succeeded in bringing each of the MCU’s characters together in hilarious scenes and action-packed moments, ending the movie with a surprise twist and many questions. Overall, I would say this was an absolutely outstanding movie that outdid its own expectations, box office numbers included.