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An Attempt to Evoke Change: A Nationwide Walk-Out

A group of students gather with protest signs during the nationwide walkout. Photo by Rebekah Panek

By Jillian Jamaleddin

  Today, numerous students decided to participate in a nationwide walk-out. The walk-out started at 10 a.m. and continued until 10:17 a.m. These 17 minutes represent the 17 lives lost during the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

  The main goal for these students is to spark change in society relating to gun violence, especially when it comes to schools. Some students even created posters for the event in order to bring more attention to what they feel needs to change.

  “I participated in the walk-out because I am a politically active student and I am in YIG. I also feel like when students ban together to make a statement we have a more powerful voice and can evoke change in school safety measures,” Julia Mattis, junior, said.

  However, many students also decided to stay inside during the walk-out. One of the reasons these students expressed was that they felt the walk-out would not have the effects they wish to see in society.

  Instead, several of the students who did not participate wrote letters to their senator and/or representative in Congress. One way to find this information specific to where you live is by going to the website

  People hope that by writing these letters and participating in the walk-out, they will be able to demonstrate the seriousness of the situation and share the aspects they feel need to be addressed with our government.