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The Inclusion of Women in the 2018 Oscars

By Jillian Jamaleddin

  On January 23, the nominations for the 2018 Oscars were released. This is the 90 year for the Academy Awards show. Some of the categories for the Oscars are Best Picture, Directing, Lead Actor and Actress, Supporting Actor and Actress and numerous other nominees.

  “My favorite category is best actress because let’s go girls, and women directors are coming up and starting to do amazing things, like the other male directors, and deserve the recognition,” Katelyn Warner, junior, said.

  The Shape of Water came in with the most nominations, being in 13 different categories as a contender. Following closely behind, Dunkirk came in with eight nominations. Another notable aspect of the Oscars is that director of Lady Bird, Greta Gerwig, is only the fifth woman to be nominated as the best director.

  “I think it is ridiculous that Steven Spielberg has more nominations himself than the total number of women who have ever been nominated. I am happy to see changes like this happening but also angry that it took this long,” Amy Kilgore, senior, said.

  One of the major aspects of this years Oscars seems to include women empowerment. With multiple well-known nominees included in each category in the 2018 event, there is no telling who could win.