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Jumanji: The Very Funny Follow-Up

By Rhayla Huff

  Jumanji was possibly the best comically stupid movie to come to theaters in years. Jack Black’s portrayal of a teenage girl trapped inside of a middle-aged man’s body was absolutely hilarious, and he practically stole the show. Nick Jonas’s portrayal of Alex was endearing and loveable, and he enraptured the audience through a small romantic interest with Black’s character, thus making his part that much more entertaining.

  Arguably, the character with the most slapstick funny lines was Kevin Hart. Yelling and screaming about being too short, pushing his friends off cliffs, and being a human sacrifice — “backpack guy” was hysterical.

  As far as the actual plot goes, it was subpar at best. Slow and dragging, mixed with superficial villains and scenes that raised eyebrows–it was not nearly as good as the original. Despite this, the movie had many comedic moments that overruled the plot, leaving the audience with a feel-good feeling after the movie ended. Overall, the movie was good and the funny moments kept it solid until the end.