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All District One-Act Festival

By Madisen Smith

This past weekend, LSN, LSW and LSHS all participated in a District One-Act Play Festival held at LSW. All three schools performed an act. LSN performed Mythical Creatures and How to Approach Them, LSHS preformed Dinner with the Macguffins, and LSW performed The Revenge of the Red Feather Ladies on Friday night and We’re Not Making This Play Up As We Go-Honest on Saturday night.

  LSN’s Mythical Creatures and How to Approach Them was a Harry Potter spoof which had a touch of humor. Harmony Ginger, played by Rhayla Huff, and Peter Wischair, played by Nathan Fleming went on an adventure with Sal A. Manderfin, played by Sam Rogers, to learn how to approach mythical creatures. They met a hippogriff, a unicorn, mermaids, and multiple other mythical creatures.

  This District One-Act Play Festival only happens once a year, but catch the Bronco’s theater team this February as they perform The Lion King Jr.