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The Film that Keeps the Audience Guessing

By Jillian Jamaleddin

  On November 10, Murder on the Orient Express was released. This murder mystery keeps the audience guessing throughout the film while giving clues as to who may be the criminal. The film opens with Detective Hercule Poirot solving a case and then escalates as the story moves along. Poirot ends up travelling on the Orient Express and plays a crucial part in developing the storyline. Once the movie nears the end of its 1 hour and 54 minute time, the truth behind the murder is finally revealed, but not without some unexpected twists before the audience finds out who is responsible for the death.

  The film stars actors such as Johnny Depp, Kenneth Branagh, Willem Dafoe and many more talented actors and actresses.

  “When I saw that Johnny Depp was in the movie, I was interested in the movie and watched the trailer for it,” Ashley Anderson, junior, said.

  Murder on the Orient Express, however, did have some slower parts where not a lot of action happened. Once the film picked up pace, it was still an intriguing film, good for all mystery/crime loving movie watchers.