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The Grand Tetons Trip

By Madisen Smith

  On July 8-15, LSN students have the opportunity to travel to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to see the Grand Tetons School of Science. Any student, except for current seniors, are allowed to participate.

  On this trip, students will be able to hike in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks, participate in a ropes course, ride canoe, and other activities with the scientists at the Grand Teton School of Science.

  “People should go on this trip because it offers the ability to see a part of the country most people have never seen before. There are opportunities found on this trip that you can’t find anywhere else,” Austin Merit, junior, said.

  The trip cost somewhere around $900-950 and may change depending on the number of participants. This cost includes food, lodging, guides, and transportation; although, any student who goes is responsible to pay for one meal on the way there, and one on the way back.  

  If anyone is interested in this trip, email Mr. Gerding or stop by room 1302 for more information or to sign up.