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Voters to Decide on KCI’s Future

By Jack Langle

  Kansas City International Airport has been the city’s major airport since the 1970’s. The airport has seen it all over 45 years and has garnered some wear and tear along the way.

  Now, the airport has become a pain for Kansas Citians to manage because of its inconvenience and poor design.

  On November 7, residents in Kansas City will be able to vote for an entire new airport if they please.

  The new airport will be entirely funded without the use on any tax dollars. This will happen when the new airport adds a fee of an additional 3-4 dollars to every traveler using the new KCI and since 80% of travelers who use the airport are not from Kansas City, the airport will mostly be paid for by ‘out-of-towners’.

  The current KCI has three terminals; A, B and C, with A not currently being used. The plan would be to build a new single terminal airport where Terminal A currently resides.

  Supporters of the plan say that the new plan is much more cost effective, as it will cost half a million dollars less to build a new airport rather than renovating the current one.

  This topic has been a prominent issue for residents of Kansas City and the surrounding suburbs for quite some time and on Wednesday voters will have the chance to finally decide once and for all, what they want to do with KCI.