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Everquote is Changing Car Insurance for Good

By Devin Carroll

  Two math graduates from Boston have created a new way to quote auto insurance. The company EverQuote, founded in 2011, has provided a new way to quote car insurance by getting quotes from a large number of companies and comparing them to show the best rate a person can get.

  EverQuote does not actually provide insurance for its users, but it does give them the best option when it comes to pricing. EverQuote has even entered the list of the 5000 fastest growing companies for the fourth year in a row, according to

  “I think this would be a good idea for high schoolers, who I do not really think know what a good deal is on that [Car Insurance],” Ally Banks, Senior, said.

  EverQuote is a wonderful tool for many students to help them save on car insurance.