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The Beast: Scaring Visitors Since 1991

By Maria Smith

  Haunted houses have been a staple in most peoples Halloween for a long time. They were first introduced in 1915, but didn’t become widely popular until the 70’s and they have been popping up everywhere since.

  The Beast is an open concept haunted house that opened in 1991. It claims to be one of the biggest haunted houses in America, and it takes around 40 minutes and ends with a four story slide as the exit. One of the scariest parts is the werewolf forest which is a fourth of an acre in size and makes you find the exit in the pitch black. It also has a giant maze through the middle that might cause your 40 minutes drag into an hour or more. It is considered the best haunted house around and definitely worth a visit, or two considering that it is always changing.

 Some people do go back year after year, for the thrilling experience.

  “I go every year. I always go with my best friend and her mom and my mom and it’s really funny for us. We get so scared and then laugh at ourselves. We go to different ones every year. [The Beast] is probably the best one down there,” Regan Young, junior, said.

  When looking for a scare it is no doubt that haunted houses are the place to go to be scared, yet still have a good time, but you have to hurry because it closes after November 4, along with the Halloween season.