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Junior Class Rings

By Madi Smith

  The high school experience is one thing not many want to forget. It is an important four years of everyone’s lives that help shape them into who they will become in the future. One popular way students remember their experience is by creating their own ring.

  “I am interested in getting a class ring because I have changed a lot as a person during high school. It will allow me to symbolize my time at North (and Campbell) while I am living in New York City,” Lainney Obenshain, junior, said.

  The junior class recently had a meeting with Jostens discussing how to create and order their class rings. Jostens has a website,, designed to help create each junior’s ring unique and special to that person. The website also helps the designer to visualize exactly how the ring will look. Once the ring is designed, each Junior should fill out an order form and bring it into the school, instead of ordering online.

  Juniors have the opportunity to turn in their order forms along with a $50 deposit on Thursday, Friday or Wednesday during the lunch period, or Thursday after school in a family night ordering session. If a junior does bring in their ring order form anytime Thursday, they will receive a free hooded t-shirt.

  In addition, the junior who brings in the ring with the smallest band width, the largest band width, the oldest ring, or the ring from a place furthest away from Missouri, will receive $50 off their purchase.

  Thanks to Jostens and LSN, students can remember high school with a unique ring that they can carry with them until they grow old.