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Apple Reveals New iPhone Starting at $999

By Maria Smith

  With having just celebrated the iPhone’s tenth anniversary it’s no surprise that Apple announced a handful of new phones. These include the new 8 which is going to be $699 for a 64GB and the 8 plus which is $799 for 64GB. They are supposed to have a better camera than their counter partners and have a glass back opposed to the normal metal.The real surprise was the announcement of the iPhone X. This phone is $999 but has gotten a complete makeover. It will have a super retina display, as well as wireless charging, face recognition, and of course the biggest news of all it will be lacking a home button.

   Not everyone thinks that the new iPhones are going to be worth the larger price tag though.

  “I think that they’re going to be really similar to the 7’s just with the glass back,” Julia Dobbins, junior, said.

  And it’s true, with just minimal differences between the 7 and 8 there is about a $150 difference in price. All of these phones are available to order on Sept. 15 or in stores on the 22, so watch out to see who will be seen sporting the new tech.