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Changes in School Start Times for Next Year

By Blair Clark

  For students attending LSN and many other LSR7 schools, they are in for a rude “awakening” next year. The majority of all the schools in the district will be will be starting either five minutes earlier or five minutes later than the current start times. They will also be getting out five minutes before or later than what they are now. For students at LSN, school will be starting at 7:30a.m. instead of 7:35. For many students, this is going to affect them pretty harshly.

    “I feel like the school is asking for people to show up late. For the juniors, it will be our fourth year so it will not be surprising if we are late next year. It is changing up our routine that we are used to,” Phoebe Groceman, junior, said.

    In some cases, it might be nice that we are getting out of school earlier, but it is going against all scientific research proving that if school start times are going to change, they should be starting later in the day. Students are already struggling with being awake and attentive in class because of how tired we are. Starting just five minutes earlier could make a bigger impact that what is expected.

   “Going against what is proven is going to hurt our grades. They are putting us in a position to get hurt just to help them out,” Groceman said.

    Coming from the students’ perspectives, this change in start times does not really have any positives besides the fact that they get to go home five minutes earlier. The school district may be saving money by doing all of this, but it does not seem to be something that is going to be helping the students of LSR7.