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Apple Music VS Spotify Premium

By Savannah Mullens

  Apple music and spotify premium have been competing against each other since both came out with unlimited music from their apps. People have been choosing sides as they did with iphones and androids. I prefer apple music for a couple of reasons.

  Apple music for the individual plan is $9.99 but also have a discount for students in college. They have newer music that is on itunes already. They have curated playlists and if you fill out a little survey type of thing they are able to create a playlist that is for your music style and what you like.

  “I like apple music better than spotify because it has a nice selection and a lot of different types of music so I can enjoy,” Maddie Callahan, junior, said.

  Spotify Premium is $9.99 and also has the discount for students however they only have one plan and not multiple like apple music. They have some newer music however not as much as apple music due to not being directly connected with itunes therefore this means new albums will not be on spotify for a while. They have curated playlists but not created for each individual person.

  “I like spotify better than apple music because I like how it’s easy to view other playlists and make new ones as well. Plus, I’ve had spotify way longer than Apple Music so I’ve gotten used it.” Reagan Klehr, junior, said.

 In my opinion, I prefer apple music due to their wide range of newer music and the idea of the curated playlist created just for me. Also, apple music has different plans which makes it easier to save money and share music with your friends.