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The Little Different Mermaid Movie

By Savannah Mullen

  The new trailer was released of The Little Mermaid which will be released in late 2017. However, the trailer looks way different than the original and not just because the movie is not animated.

  The trailer, from, showed that Ariel never met Prince Eric and there is no Prince Eric in general. The man in the movie is a young reporter but have added a twist of a new character, the niece of the reporter.

  “I really love the modern twist on the movie and I cannot wait to see it but it is a classic and I wish they did not change it so much,” Maddie Callahan, junior, said.

  With the new modern twist, it creates a whole new story. The old classic of Little Mermaid will not be created into a real life film but yet a different perspective and new plot.