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Is Cutting the Cord Worth it?

By Will Mauer

   In the age of saving money any way you can, many families around the nation have started getting rid of their TV provider and just using Netflix or Hulu. The solution is not black and white, so it truly depends on what your family determines as a need.

  If you just watch your shows on Netflix or HBO go, then yes, cord cutting is absolutely worth it. If you watch a variety of sports (which come on a variety of networks), maybe cord cutting is not for you.

   “Among people between the ages of 21 and 34, 38% of respondents said they plan to cancel their cable or satellite subscription and replace it with online video services,” Aaron Pressman said (Courtesy of fortune).

   Live sports is what is keeping many Americans in on their cable deal, but as services like Sling TV begin to expand, the cable companies will continue to lose their younger customers to a lower cost service unless they evolve with the times.