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Bronco’s NSDA Takes Conference

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By Zoey Barnes

   This weekend the Bronco’s Speech and Debate team competed in the annual Speech and Debate Missouri Conference at Blue Springs High School. The team took two individuals for each event to compete for a coveted All-State Trophy.

  “We had 15 people place in individual events which is crazy and we also had 4 placings in debate. Even the people who didn’t place did great and barely missed placing by a few points. Overall this weekend made me super confident for Districts, our most important weekend of the year.” Maleah Ahuja, senior, said.

  The team had great luck this weekend, racking up many points, to take the third place trophy in Overall Large Conference Team Sweepstakes. This is the first year, since 1995, that the Bronco’s have seized a Sweepstakes spot.

  The team, determined for success, accomplished their goal, taking home a total of 20 trophies for almost every individual who competed at the tournament.