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After the Death of Tilikum

By Cara Panarisi

    After 33 years in captivity by SeaWorld, Tilikum the orca finally finds freedom after passing away on January 6.

    Most people mourn and remember his life as they became more aware of SeaWorld’s cruelty towards marine animals, whether it be from forced mating, separating the orcas from their families, forcing them to perform shows to human families, being stored in small boxes for majority of their lives, often being starved as a punishment and many other controversial topics.

   I know what you are thinking, who cares? If you are an animal lover like I am, I was able to dive into the documentary Blackfish, in which exploited what happens behind the scenes of SeaWorld’s orca and other marine animal shows and attractions.

   If you think SeaWorld is great for families and the kids, make sure you do research and understand what is actually going on underneath and behind the scenes compared to what is being shown on the surface. Many people are speaking up and fighting for the marine animals as they turn against captivity of marine animals. Rest in paradise, Tilikum.