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“A Dog’s Purpose” Raises Controversy

By Madisen Smith

   Being released on January 27, A Dog’s Purpose tells a story about a dog and his journey to find his purpose by touching the people around him. As this movie seems perfect for dog lovers everywhere, a video going around the internet says otherwise.

   This video occurs on the set where A Dog’s Purpose is being filmed. The video shows a German Shepherd being put into a fast moving stream of water, in what seems to be against the dog’s will. At the end of the video, the German Shepherd’s head submerges under the water, and the crew jumps into the fake river to rescue him.

   “I feel conflicted because the video shows a behind-the-scenes look on a movie I was looking forward to, and now I’m not so sure. I don’t know if I want to support a movie that treats animals poorly,” Jessica Carnnahan, sophomore, said.

   While the video may be upsetting to some, A Dog’s Purpose will still be playing in theaters all around Lee’s Summit.