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School Start Times Should be Later

By Lexie Talpers

  Every day millions of students wake up and go to school. Schools all over the world start at different times, whether it be 7 am or later, or even possibly earlier. Students are tired in classes, which leads to them falling asleep instead of paying attention.

  I believe that schools should start later in the day in order to improve attention rates from the students. As teenagers it is necessary to get more sleep due to our brains still developing.

  “The American Academy of Pediatrics just issued a new policy statement recommending that middle and high schools start class no earlier than 8:30 a.m. because adolescents have unique sleep rhythms that make it harder for them to go to sleep and wake up earlier than other people, and that sleep deprivation can affect academic achievement as well as cause other problems,” (Courtesy of The Washington Post).

  Just due to the fact teenagers brains are still developing I believe school should start later so students are more awake and can focus better in their classes.