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Suicide Rates of Middle Scholars Going Up

By Rebekah Panek

   Every year the suicide rates among middle school aged kids are increasing. In 2014 alone 425 adolescents died of suicide. Seven years before the number was considerably lower, at 180.

   In 2011 a 14-year-old boy named Connor Ball, committed suicide because of his depression. His parents had no idea that Ball was suffering. “Until Oct. 24, 2011, we thought that everything was good with Connor. We had no idea he was suffering from depression,” said Tara Ball, his mother.

   I think that it is very upsetting that so many kids think about and commit suicide at such a young age. Depression is hard to identify and can take over someone’s life very quickly.

   The suicidal behavior in United States teenagers is saddening. The percentage of kids that have seriously considered attempting suicide is 17%, the percentage of those who attempted suicide one or more times is 8%, and kids who have made an attempt that required medical attention is 2.7%.

  Suicide is never the best option, even if it seems to be sometimes. Something I have always heard is that suicide doesn’t take away the pain from you, it just sends it to the people that care about you.