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“Sherlock” Movie Night in the LMC

By Madisen Smith

  On Saturday December 3, the LMC hosted a “Sherlock” movie event with snacks. Similar to a regular theater, the large screen was set up to view the episodes with a surround sound system. Adding to the theater atmosphere, themed snacks and concessions were for sale.

  “We sold concessions and the money went to some of our library programing, like book club and Anime club and things like that,” Bill Hume, librarian, said.

  The evening started with some “Sherlock” trivia starting at 5:30 pm. The episodes then started at 6 pm and begun with “Sherlock: A Study in Pink,” and at 7:45 pm “Sherlock: The Abominable Bride” played.

  “It is just a lot of fun to get people together to watch a movie. It is different than watching at home by yourself or just a couple of people. Getting the theater environment here in the library is a lot of fun.” Hume said.

  Free Admissions were provided to any LSR7 student and their family.