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Keeping It Organic: A Vegetarian Lunch

By Madisen Smith

  High schoolers around the world are beginning to gain their independence, and some choose to express their independence by changing their lifestyle. One way students do this is by changing what they eat. Some choose to be vegetarian, others choose to be gluten free. But this independence comes with a cost. Having to pack your own school lunch because the school does not provide special dietary options.

  Some people pack their lunch the night before, and others the morning of. But for some people, this is difficult to do. Packing their lunch just is not an option. For most people, there does not seem to be enough hours in the day for packing a lunch.

“I feel that it is incredibly wrong and unfair to the minority of students that need vegetarian and allergy safe lunches,” Anne Ball, sophomore, said.

  In my opinion, school lunch facilities should be required to provide, at least, vegetarian options, like a salad bar. That way, kids do not have to worry about finding the time to make their lunch. And hopefully, one day, schools will be required to provide allergy free options for their students as well.