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Social Media, A Roller Coaster


By Savannah Henslee

  Social media is like a roller coaster. It is both building our world up and tearing it down. For every helping and positive post on any social media you can find an equally, if not more terrible post. These posts hurt others or tear down their self esteem.

   We almost all think that social media is great, but we also see that all good things have a bad side.

   “You get to talk to people in all different countries and it’s just really fun,” Charlize Wattson, Freshman, said.

   While there are good things like being able to talk to people almost everywhere around the world, there are also things that make people see social media is perfect.   

  “Some people just don’t know how to control themselves.” Said Wattson when asked what she thought was bad about social media.

  Overall, social media has the ability to be either good or hurtful, depending on its users’ behavior.